A Christmas Miracle

A Christmas Miracle

The story of little Billy James

Brought a teardrop to my eye

He needs a Christmas miracle

To allow him to survive.

My friend Simon is his father

A nicer guy could not be found

With his loving mother, Loretta

Receiving prayers from all around

Billy James just three months old

Has been through more than most of us

Two weeks after he was born

Open heart surgery was a must

This brave wee warrior got through that

Before he got, poison of the blood

His life again in God’s dear hands

By his side his parents stood

Through the grace of God, their baby lived

Pulling through those treacherous trials

This little warrior has so much to give

His hope shines through his lovely smiles

Then his little heart had failed

Doctors said he had minutes left

His parent's hearts were torn apart

Once again he received life’s gift

What a brave and beautiful baby

To have fought his way through all that

To him and his loving caring parents

I bow and take off my hat

But after all those hard-fought battles

The war has just begun

Doctors gave the really sad news

About Simon and Loretta’s son

Billy James has a severe condition 

That cannot be fixed, the doctors say

He has only a short time left to live

All we can do now is pray

If we all share this poem, 

And together pray for Billy James

That Christmas might bring a miracle

Through God and Jesus, names

John Hayden Dec 2019


A trip to Sligo

I stepped off the train in Sligo Town

To meet with my friend Sam

The winds they blew quite blustery

But the pace of the town seemed calm

He drove me through the church grounds

With buildings of carved stone

Then introduced me to Jimmy and John

Sure I thought he was driving home

They stood at the gate of some out-houses

Which were derelict for years on end

James painted the window frame

They had made a shed for men

Each out-house had its own purpose

There was one for meetings and tea

Another was a workshop

Where James made a pen for me

He took a piece of bog oak

Two thousand years of age

Drilled and bored the centre

Then spun it on a lathe

This craftsman carved and polished it

In front of my very eyes

Then gifted me with a beautiful pen

What a gracious surprise

We chatted with tea in the meeting room

Where Mike kindly bought my book

These men transformed this ancient ruin

And gave it a modern look

Edith cooked homemade meals

Sam brought me on walks and drives

The beautiful lakes and sea and land

Enhanced these peoples lives

The caves of Keash entranced me

As old as this ancient land

Benbulben stood both proud and bold

Beauty not made by man

Strand hill gave us a sunset

Casting orange on clouds and sea

Gentle waves rolled to the bay

For that moment my spirit was free

Tis now I know what inspired Yeats

To turn beauty into words

This place a gracious blessing

To its people, its wildlife and its birds

By John Hayden May 2019




Poems from my book: 63 POEMS Watchers of the Mind.

“If you keep looking back, You’ll keep walking into crap“

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