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The Celts did not fear death, but they did fear losing their memorized doctrines and were forced to try and save them, against a massive empire and the dark forces of the underworld – a boy Druid could twist their fate.

Turlough (the leader of the Druids) knew that the most important decision ever to be faced by any Druid, rested firmly upon his shoulders. The Celts had been at war with the Romans forever, but now the Celts predominantly resided in what they called “The Last Land”. Ireland had  never been invaded by the Romans but since the Great Conspiracy of 367AD, barely a year ago now, the Druids expected Ireland to be invaded. It was for this reason that Turlough was compelled to transcribe the memorized doctrines of the Druids. He would have to ensure that they were not decipherable by foreign eyes. Little did the Druids realise that the biggest threat to their order and their secret doctrines would come from within their own ranks, nor did they know that the prophecy of the boy Druid was about to become a reality.


Hi, I am from Ireland, born in Finglas, Dublin in 1966. I am a family man who loves writing and self-expression. I have been writing since I was eighteen years old when I versed my first poem. Since then, I have written hundreds of poems. More recently I have published a collection of my Poetry on Amazon called ’63 Poems’ Watchers of the mind

I never thought of myself as someone who could put together a book or books. I might not have received the opportunity were it not for me falling ill with cancer in 2004. I see that illness, which was the worst thing in the world back then, as the key that freed my mind to indulge in what I can only call absolute passion. Back then in my convalescence I captured the essence of three stories. I quickly published the first two stories; fearing in my heart that the cancer was coming back to get me. I was on the verge of releasing the last story when I paused. The story told of a sacred manuscript, and I had not given sufficient insight to the reader, as to where this sacred manuscript originated. So I decided to take some notes about the origins of the sacred manuscript. 

My first note 001, turned into a novel. This will be my debut novel, ‘The Last Land‘ and will be published in time for Summer 2020.

All my life up to the time when I had cancer, I worked in construction. Since then, I am so grateful for receiving the opportunity to step into my creative sphere. There’s little so special than to be caught up in the wonderment as it comes to me, I am all but in the scenes as my fingers dance on the keys.

I began writing my debut novel in 2012; I completed the first draft in 2015 and have been polishing up my work since then. So lucky am I for the graceful attentiveness, excellent guidance, and assistance from some of the most selfless people I have yet encountered. I extend my sincerest gratitude to those beautiful people; without them, my work may not have come to fruition.

To be afforded enough time to tap into the river of creativity and to indulge in my life’s passions. That I may express that which flows there; I have been allowed the freedom to be me — such a gracious gift.


These are some of the poems I have captured from my life experience, also from others. They cover a variety of topics from self worth to suicide to cancer and more. If you are looking to commemorate or capture a moment I would be honoured to help you. Contact me today and let’s discuss how I can be of assistance.

We are all but moulded from the earth’s clay

Sculptures of consciousness, here to play

My body a manifestation, will be gone one day

But the love that is me, is here to stay


We fall for sculptures who walk with us

Who talk and care from their moulded dust

We fall in love and build up trust

In the one we want no one to touch, that’s too much


We are but moulded from the earth’s soil

But here where we reside, for a short while

We can never own another’s clay pile

But share in their passion, their love and their smile

The eye of sorrow looks at me

Through a knot in the timber’s grain

Emptiness fills me up

Exposing an inward pain


Emotional suppression, rising thoughts

Add fuel to the furnace

Quotidian opening healing wounds

While prodding at their rawness


Sitting in this silent pain

Hopelessness floods the heart

Vacuumed into realms of dark

Life but torn apart


Entertaining thoughts of giving up

This path of life I’m on

Seems too complex now

With the objective truly gone


Where to then? I ask myself

Do I just lay down and die?

Do I hang on to what is now?

And find I’ve lived a lie


Or do I change my path

Hit a brand new road

See where that takes me

And get rid of this old load

It’s that pain in my heart again

Too sore for the strongest men

Too sad for my fountain pen

To capture in words


Tears surge from my chest

Relentless feeling gives no rest

It’s got to be the biggest test

Of all the different hurts


Emotional winter, the sharpest cold

A shrivelled spirit will unfold

The deepest truth it ever told

Only love can save you


A broken trust shows no repair

Even though we both still care

Paranoia everywhere

After all we’ve been through


In my passion my pain subsides

Somehow it overrides

Like the turning of the tides

Comforting my heart


My passion oozes from my pen

I know I’ll face that pain again

I’ll stay in now, until then

With the love I knew from the start

Uncertain about what was wrong

Procrastinating all along

On what I hear and read about

All the time just casting doubt


One doc says its all ok

Just take this, it’ll go away

I try this remedy and many more

But still there’s something wrong, it’s sore


A second opinion the only choice

The answer this time is not so nice

They say the bold word empathically

A jail term incurs, now I’m not free


Days before they operate

Self esteem just wasn’t great

The evening sun up on the parapet

Think some more, another cigarette


I have to make it for my children and wife

If only to allow them a better life

I cannot leave them where they are

My children will not go very far


But what if this is it, the end of the road

I’m going to rest in my final abode

No matter what there’s one thing for sure

I can only accept whatever I will incur


I’m not going to worry myself to death

A conscience clear, has no need to fret

My body, my vehicle, may well break down

But my spirit in truth has no need to frown


My spirit rose and saved me

At the mercy of the big C

Turboed by my wife and children

And some friends and family


Find your reason to go on

Then believe with all you’ve got

That you will be there to see it through

But know it won’t changes things, if your not


Seven years later I write this poem

Through the grace of God my energy’s still flowing

I think it’s back with each ache and pain

But those kind of thoughts could drive me insane


All those aches I felt long before the cancer

They’re just normal, of that I am sure

I have no worries, each day is a gift

It’s my own duty to give my spirit a lift


A raised spirit holds so much strength

I held my faith without relent

With the angels above and by my side

No fear, anguish or anxieties to hide


A message for you who got the bad news

I’m either lucky or blessed to still stand in my shoes

I never gave up, I held hope in my heart

To my surprise I was given a new start 

In turmoil, topzy turvy

It’s all upside down

The world around him

Came tumbling to the ground


She done the bold thing

And threw it away

The love they once shared

The games they would play


It’s gone, it’s gone

To be no more

The trust it is shattered

The heart is so sore


An empty shell

Once filled with love

Now hangs on a rope

Like a boxers glove


He thought his action

Would stop the hurt

Look at his family

It made it worse

She heard them say

Her dad was dying

He hadn’t long to live


She ran to his bedside

There was something

She had to give


She wrapped her arms

Around his neck

As a thousand times before


Only this time

It was different

It meant just so much more


She hugged him

Very tightly

With her tender little arms


She lifted up

His spirit

With her magic little charms


She whispered

In her daddy’s ear

Are you going to leave me?


A teardrop trickled

From her eye

Crying, “daddy don’t you need me”?


I though that you

Would see me grow

Into a young lady


Her dad said,

“Dry your tears

I’ll never leave my baby”


When he was left alone

In the solace

Of the night


Thinking over

In his mind

He knew he had a choice


A choice to give up

Lay down

Throw in the towel


Or live

Every last moment

That he was around


She made his choice

So easy

He set himself that goal


From this moment


I’ll live ’til that last toll


The doctors gave him

Months to live

Sometimes they get it wrong


That little angel whisper

Gave him the will

To carry on

A spark of light ignited

In the mind of just one man

It shun so bright it excited

So he chose to make a stand


He delivered it to other men

With its vibrant glow

Engaging men of Ireland

This seed would surely grow


Too many youths have lost their way

Some even took their life

But this new spark would light the dark

And help to make it right


Around a room a group had gathered

In Dundalk’s Institute of Technology

Their mission, the only thing that mattered

To trash out every possibility


Men from twelve to sixty two

And all ages in between

Collaborating on what to do

To guide and facilitate every teen


Men with masters and Phd’s

Men who’d crumbled to their knees

Some not taught to read or write

They joined together in this plight


Every one of them a son

Stood together here as one

Pooled their thoughts to guide the young

An unsung song had just begun


If it saved just one young man

From falling through the net

The goals of this group

Would surely have been met


The sun rose in that room

Like on no other day

Delivering a ray of hope

To guide us on our way


The greatness of our young men

Seen from every angle

Gems wrapped in knots of illusion

Our goals was to untangle


Help them shine and sparkle

To reach their potentials

To grown and strive, and stay alive

And show off their credentials


Mark this day as the first step

On the journey of a million miles

Each step from here on in

Will turn those frowns to smiles

Moments of pain, turmoil and torment also moments of joy, grace and inspiration. In these pages I expose my innermost thoughts, feelings and perceptions based on my fifty one years experience of the rough and smooth of life. 

I instinctively capture moments in poetry, on the spot most of the time, so I don’t lose the essence and so there is no influence from my thinking mind, allowing me to deliver my true perception. Truth hurts they say, that is true and the main reason so many people avoid it. I have learned to face my truths, now they can hurt no more. 

Truth is the essence of freedom, freedom is an attribute that the majority don’t enjoy. Society, life, and our own mind are the main things taking our freedom. If one can become free from the wrath of their own mind then they are truly free. These poems reflect on how I met the darkest dreads of my own mind and how I dealt with that wrath. They also reflect the most gracious moments of my existence

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