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Hi, I am from Ireland, born in Finglas, Dublin in 1966. I am a family man who loves writing and self-expression. I have been writing since I was eighteen years old when I versed my first poem. Since then, I have written hundreds of poems. More recently I have published a collection of my Poetry on

I began writing my debut novel in 2012; I completed the first draft in 2015 and have been polishing up my work since then. So lucky am I for the graceful attentiveness, excellent guidance, and assistance from some of the most selfless people I have yet encountered. I extend my sincerest gratitude to those beautiful people; without them, my work may not have come to fruition. 

So I am delighted to announce that my debut novel will be launched on on the 3rd Aug 2019, and is available for pre-order now:

This little country of ours, awash with greenery and culture, for me, was a wondrous place as a child. While watching our children grow, I was glad that we chose to remain in Ireland. It is lovely to hear them speak their native tongue and to portray their Irishness in their attitudes and attributions. 

I never thought of myself as someone who could put together a book or books. I might not have received the opportunity were it not for me falling ill with cancer in 2004. I see that illness, which was the worst thing in the world back then, as the key that freed my mind to indulge in what I can only call absolute passion. 

I worked in construction all my life up to my illness since then; I am so grateful for receiving the opportunity to step into my creative sphere. There's little so special than to be caught up in the wonderment as it comes to me, I am all but in the scenes as my fingers dance on the keys. 

To be afforded enough time to tap into the river of creativity and to indulge in my life's passions. That I may express that which flows there, I have been allowed the freedom to be me — such a graceful gift.

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